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A GEOPOD is a customizable, on-site inventory system for day-to-day needs or an extended project. Coming in 20ft or 40ft sizes, each GEOPOD is ready to meet your immediately electrical supply needs with ease.

Geopod inside

GEOPODs work great for remote locations when doing general upgrades such as ( walking systems, Top Drive and 3rd pump upgrades etc )

  • Onsite electrical materials (suggested by customer) for there individual needs and uses. 
  • GESCO will be responsible for weekly or bi weekly inventory counts and restocks
  • Helps prevent rig from downtime
  • Prevents long drives back into town for parts for lower operating costs
  • Keeps Rig cost down by not having to purchase & stock their own electrical materials
  • GESCO would be responsible for delivering and picking up POD