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GESCO is the exclusive distributor of Dropsafe® for North America

Dropsafe improves workplace safety by collaborating with industry professionals in the oil and gas, mining, and industrial sectors to develop application specific dropped objects prevention solutions.

Cost pressures on both operators and drilling contractors can have a negative effect on their organization’s risk management, increasing the risk of potential fatalities and lost time injuries. This can lead to a considerable increase in exposure to medical, legal, insurance, and down time costs along with missing budgets.

In the Global Oil and Gas Industry:

  • 72% of dropped objects are equipment parts or unsecured objects*
  • 52% of dropped objects fall from more than 5 meters*

Dropsafe patented technology is the global industry standard in the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas sectors for securing and tethering overhead fixtures (lights, CCTV cameras, speakers, anodes, beacons, self-retracting lifelines etc.). Dropsafe supplies the largest On / Offshore Oil and Gas drilling contractors and more than 300 customers industry wide. Click here for the Dropsafe catalog.
With over a quarter million dollars of Dropsafe nets in stock and a constantly increasing lineup to keep up with new material, your secondary securing safety needs will always be met at GESCO.

*Source: Dropped objects register of incidents and statistics (D.O.R.I.S) May 2013